DFX for Windows Media Player

DFX for Windows Media Player 10.008

Enhances the sound quality of Windows Media Player
Improves the audio quality of the songs (MP3, AAC), Internet radio shows, podcasts or videos that you play using Windows Media Player. It boosts the audio levels, enhances bass sounds and adds 3D surround sounds.

DFX for Windows Media Player is an accesory (plug-in) for enhancing the sound created by the Media Player.
It converts the PC into a great stereo system by adjusting several settings to arrange the environment and simulate an audio studio.

It enhances the sound quality of MP3, Windows Media, Internet, radio and many other music files.

Slider controls to adjust Fidelity, Ambiance, 3D Surround sound, Dynamic boost, and Hyperbass, for correcting or simulating a different environment or listening room or studio. Everyone has a digital display (two digits) for showing the adjust level.

Three processing modes: Music type I, Music type II and Speech mode, for selecting the equalizer curve to apply. Speakers or Headphones selection to apply the corresponding correction equalizer curve. An spectrum analizer: 4Hz, 200Hz, 1KHz, 5KHz and 12 KHz vertical color led columns.

The settings for every sound source or track, can be preset, saved and reused everytime the same file is played.

Selectable skins for customized the way the application looks and an option to minimize the interface into a narrow vertical column that integartes with any media player.

Ignacio Solves
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  • It integrates allright into the Windows Media Player interface. Good help file


  • Only the registered (purchased) version has all the adjustments available
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